• Mirabella Beauty Professional Makeup Brush Fan

Mirabella Beauty Professional Makeup Brush Fan


Mirabella's Best-Selling Fan Professional Makeup Brush

Apply color, pressed powder and loose powder to the face.  Mirabella's Fan Professional Makeup Brush is constructed with the highest grade, fan-shaped synthetic bristles to provide a light dusting, effect and work seamlessly with powders to create a natural-looking, soft finishing effect for the face and body. Luxurious super-soft synthetic bristles.

Cruelty-free. Vegan.

Each of Mirabella's hand-sculpted, luxurious cosmetic brushes is made of the finest materials and designed specifically to provide an effortless, completely flawless application.  Each makeup brush features an exclusive weighted, brushed aluminum ferrule and handle for maximum precision during the makeup application process.

  • Brand: Mirabella

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